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She gladly takes up the ass!

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She takes it up the ass like she was born for it. She'd heard of doggie-style but she hadn't even considered the idea of having a dick slammed into her anus! The sensation blew her mind and she almost fainted! It was the most pleasurable feeling she'd ever felt! It made the world spin and her eyes roll in her head! She screamed but she loved what she was feeling. Love never hurt so good! Her lover certainly hadn't known that this type of lovemaking would affect her in such a way, but now that he knew he immediately made plans to make anal fucking a regular part of their routine! Anal Queens

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Ferocious fucking among friends!

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This is the kind of lovin' they'd been looking for. A higher kind of lovin' that was intense that their heads spin with lust and anticipation and bliss! They fall into each other's arms and then into each other's privates with an intensity that has them both vibrating with pleasure! The fucking they give each other was one for the ages, and every moment of it is all right here for you to see on high-quality video! Wild Amateurs

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